Enable the Panorama Option on iOS 5 without Jailbkreak

With iOS5 it's possible to take panoramic photos. This feature is native but hidden.
To enable it you have to edit the file Library/Preferences/com.apple.mobileslideshow.plist in the mobile account.

It's easy to enable it with a jailbroken iDevice but how to enable it on iPhone4S or iPad2 ?
But it's possible and very easy.

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HyperMind 1.4.6 and HyperMind HD

Super MasterMind is now renamed HyperMind due to the ask of Hasbro.
This version solved two bugs and provide the option to enable or not the sound.

HyperMind HD for iPad is in progress Happy

View it on the AppStore

Super MasterMind 1.4.4 -> 1.4.5

The version 1.4.4 of Super MasterMind is waiting for validation from Apple.
The version 1.4.4 is now online... but it includes a little bug when you loose the game... the solution isn't display...

The version 1.4.5 is submitted... and will be available in 1 or 2 days.

View it on the AppStore

Super MasterMind 1.4.3

The version 1.4.3 of Super MasterMind is waiting for validation from Apple. It solves a bug of the timer when you navigate in the menus.

Killer Sudoku Helper (Available)

This new application is not a game but an helper to solve all "Killer Sudoku" grids.
If you search some Killer Sudoku grids try this link KillerSudokuOnline.
I have just submit the application to Apple...

Update: The application is available on the AppStore For Free (the next 1.0.1 is submited).

Soon : Wordflow (French only)

Que tous les fans de Bookworm et du Scrabble se rassurent... j'ai bientôt terminé WordFlow !
Un nouveau jeu de lettre incluant un dictionnaire français de plus de 330000 mots.

Klotski Lite

I have submited a light version of Klotski Puzzle.

It's free and it's the same game that the original with only 8 levels (instead of 41).

Update : You can download the game here.

Soon : Super MasterMind 1.4.1, Klotski 1.0.1

I have just submited a new version of Super MasterMind, Super MasterMind Lite, Klotski Puzzle and the new Klotski Puzzle Lite.

They fixe :
- The copy/past bug with OS 3.0
- Some improvements
- A better japanese localisation for the MasterMind

Klotski Puzzle 1.0 on the AppStore

Klotski is now available on the Appstore here.

For more information, go to here.

Soon : Klotski Puzzle 1.0

I have just published to the AppStore my second game for iPhone or iPodtouch.
Like the MasterMind, it's a port of a widget from MacOSX.
I have added the function "undo" of your last move.

For more information, go to here.

Super MasterMind 1.4

Super MasterMind : 10000 download !

You have download more than 10000 copies of Super MasterMind and 75000 of Super MasterMind Lite.
You can see a preview of the new settings in the version 1.3 and a preview of my next game ^^.


Super MasterMind... a success story !

I would like to thank all people who have downloaded the game "Super MasterMind" or "Super MasterMind Lite" on the AppStore.

In one month, you have downloaded more than 7400 copies of the full version and 57000 of the lite version !

A special thanks for german, english and french people.

xGPS Fix: Geotag your photos

I have build a little tutorial that explains how to add a geocode in your photos.

All the story is here.

Super MasterMind on AppStore

I have port the Widget version of "Super MasterMind" to iPhone.

Two version will be available on the AppStore :



You can compare the difficulty of the two versions.

For more information, click on this link.

La rubrique iPhone est ouverte !

Une nouvelle rubrique consacrée à l'iPhone est ouverte.
Vous y trouverez un guide pour bien choisir son forfait, une liste de applications incontournables de l'AppStore et des WebApps.
J'ai aussi ajouté un guide sur le Jailbreakage si vous hésitez encore...
Et enfin une rubrique de trucs et astuces.