WidgetCineTV 4.6

Cette mise à jour corrige :
- Un problème de chargement des horaires des séances de ciné.
- L'ajout de la chaîne DirectStar à la place de Virgin17

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Super MisterMind 1.4.7

A new update is now available !
The game is now renamed "Super MisterMind" and it's optimized for iPad and iPhone.

Buy it only one time for all your favorites mobiles devices...

Get it on the Appstore !

WidgetCineTV 4.5.9

Cette mise à jour corrige :
- Un problème de chargement des horaires des séances de ciné.

La prochaine version devrait intégrer :
- une télécommande virtuelle pour la freebox
- correction de plusieurs petits bugs

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Xcode 3.2.2 and iOS 4.0

Here is a little tip for the developers.
If you have updated your iphone to iOS4 and you want to continue to develop your application for iPhoneOS 3.... you will have the "good" surprise.... you can't test it on a device with iOS 4.

Here is a solution :
* Install XCode 3.2.3 with iOS4 SDK.
* Copy the folders :
/Developer/Plateforms/iPhoneOS.platform/DeviceSupport/4.0 (8A293)
* Install XCode 3.2.2
* and move your backup folders at the same place...

Just it works ^^... you can compile your applications for the SDK 3.0 and test it on the SDK 4.0.

HyperMind HD for iPad

The version of HyperMind (old Super MasterMind) is submitted to Apple.

We have just to wait the validation ^^

Update of the website

I have added :
- a new support forum (the design is in progress, but you can register and post a new message)
- a new category "My Services" with what I can do
- two categories : Mac Apps and iPhone Apps.

WidgetCineTV 4.5.8

Cette mise à jour corrige :
- Un problème de chargement des horaires des séances de ciné.

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Sytadin Widget 1.3

C'est au tour de Sytadin Widget d'être mis à jour.
Le version 1.3 nécessite MacOS X 10.5 ou supérieur pour fonctionner.
Suite à une modification du site de sytadin, cette version permet de nouveau de récupérer vos itinéraires préférés.

Sytadin Widget 1.3

HyperMind 1.4.6 and HyperMind HD

Super MasterMind is now renamed HyperMind due to the ask of Hasbro.
This version solved two bugs and provide the option to enable or not the sound.

HyperMind HD for iPad is in progress Happy

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Super MasterMind for iPad

It's just a concept... but it's nice to play with a big interface.

With a size of 1024x768, I can display always the choice panel at the right of the screen.

And I will try to include a multi-player game with a bluetooth connection (between iPad/iPhone/iPodTouch).
Two players can search the same code, you can see the progress of your opponent.
The first player that cracks the code, wins...

Come back in some months...

Super MasterMind 1.4.4 -> 1.4.5

The version 1.4.4 of Super MasterMind is waiting for validation from Apple.
The version 1.4.4 is now online... but it includes a little bug when you loose the game... the solution isn't display...

The version 1.4.5 is submitted... and will be available in 1 or 2 days.

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MoreIchatEffects 2.0.4

The release 2.0.4 is only an update of the intaller and of the uninstaller.

Apple has fixed the crashes of Photobooth in 64 bit in 10.6.2.
But all other bug aren't fixed (the inversed colors in Photobooth... ).

In 10.5.x... all works correctly.

Download MoreIchatEffects 2.0.4

WidgetCineTV 4.5.7

Cette mise à jour corrige :
- Une erreur de chargement sous 10.4.

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WidgetCineTV 4.5.6

Cette mise à jour corrige :
- Un problème de récupération des horaires de ciné sur Allociné.

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Please Apple... fix the bugs of Photobooth !

The update 10.6.2 solves the crashes of Photobooth/iChat in 64 bit mode. So you can switch back to the 64 bit now...
But it doesn't solves others bugs (inversed colors and bad random values)...

The last preview of 10.6.3 doesn't fixed it... so if you want to fix this bug... send a feedback to Apple with this url :

And copy/past this text :
I have installed some additional effects for iChat/Photobooth.
All works on Leopard but on SnowLeopard, I have some problems only with Photobooth.
When I take a picture, the colors are inversed... and with some effects... the random moving effects doesn't work.
I have contacted the author of the effects, but the problems comes from the support of Quartz Effects by Photobooth.