Please Apple... fix the bugs of Photobooth !

The update 10.6.2 solves the crashes of Photobooth/iChat in 64 bit mode. So you can switch back to the 64 bit now...
But it doesn't solves others bugs (inversed colors and bad random values)...

The last preview of 10.6.3 doesn't fixed it... so if you want to fix this bug... send a feedback to Apple with this url :

And copy/past this text :
I have installed some additional effects for iChat/Photobooth.
All works on Leopard but on SnowLeopard, I have some problems only with Photobooth.
When I take a picture, the colors are inversed... and with some effects... the random moving effects doesn't work.
I have contacted the author of the effects, but the problems comes from the support of Quartz Effects by Photobooth.