MSN on iChat

This article will explain to you how to create a jabber account and activate an MSN account.
With this method works only for text chatting... To transfer files or video, use a real MSN client.

Step 1: Create your MSN account

If you have no MSN account, please click here to create your msn account.

Step 2: Download PSI

Go to Psi download page and click to download image.
After open the dmg file and copy to your application folder.

Step 3: Create your Jabber account

Go in the menu General>Account Settings and click to Add.

Now enter a name for your account in Psy and check the box "Register new account"

Select a server in the list and click on the next button

Now tape your password, name, email and your username (for your jabber account)

Congratulation your account is created.

Now set your account online

And go in menu General>Service Discovery

Now select the "MSN Transport" service and make a right click to Register.

Type your MSN username and password

Congratulation ! You can quit PSI now.

Step 4: Setup iChat

Open the preferences of iChat and add a new account.
Enter your new jabber account and your password.

After a query will ask you to add you as a buddy.
All your msn contacts will be added.