MoreIchatEffects 2.0.1

I have a good news for you !
MoreIchatEffects 2.0 is out with 56 additional effects.

Some effects doesn't work correctly in Photobooth and Photobooth doesn't crash (I think it's a bug with the randoms values).
But all works perfectly with iChat (tested on SnowLeopard, on Leopard (Intel, PPC).

Update 2.0.1: The update solves some crashes on 64 bits machines.
Update if iChat or Photobooth crashes...
You can move files Fire.qtz, Hearts.qtz, Hologram.qtz, Invisible.qtz, iPod.qtz, Ocean.qtz, Reverse.qtz outside of the folder /Library/Compositions.
iChat & Photobooth seems to crash on some Core2Duo (64 bits) computer with SnowLeopard.
With CoreDuo (32 bits) it works..

8 new effects

Download MoreIchatEffects 2.0.1