Happy NewYear 2010 !

Many things to do in 2010... and not many time...

- Update of Super MasterMind (to solve some bugs)
- Update of More Ichat Effects (to add new effects with face detection)
- Update of More Ichat Smileys (to solve an error with the installer Adium and Skype)
- Update of Widget CineTV (to include some new data)
- A new game for iPhone to finish (Wordflow)

My first wish for 2010 is that Apple solves the many bugs of Photobooth in SnowLeopard (without the inversed colors and with fixed random functions)...
Please Apple... help me... my email box is full ^^

My second wish is for Steve Jobs... very long life and thanks for all your work !

My 3rd wish is for all people and future people who download my little softwares !