Soon : Super MasterMind 1.4.1, Klotski 1.0.1

I have just submited a new version of Super MasterMind, Super MasterMind Lite, Klotski Puzzle and the new Klotski Puzzle Lite.

They fixe :
- The copy/past bug with OS 3.0
- Some improvements
- A better japanese localisation for the MasterMind

Klotski (Ane Rouge) for iPhone

Klotski is now available on the AppStore.
Like the MasterMind, it's a port of a widget from MacOSX.
I have added the function "undo" of your last move.

For more information, go to here.
Get it now !



Super MasterMind on AppStore

Two version will be available on the AppStore :
  • a Free Lite Version with only 4 columns and 8 colors
  • a Full Version with all options




AneRouge & MasterMind updated

Now that I have an iPhone, I can test my games on the iPhone.
The games are now scaled to your iPhone screen. It's better Happy

Widget CineTV (French only)


Sytadin Widget


Super MasterMind


Ane Rouge


eyeControl : eyeTV Remote Control


New site organisation